" When properly maintained, your roof can get many

                  more years of use."

Commercial Roof Management Service draws from our 30 years of roofing experience to provide the highest quality commercial and industrial roofing services for our clients. Our thoroughly trained roofing professionals, whom are trained year round in the latest state of the art techniques and installation procedures, understand that not any one roofing system is the right roof for our clients and there facility.

Whether you are considering a new roof installation, a simple leak repair, or need an emergency roof solution because of storm/wind damage, our roofing professionals will assess the current roof condition and help you determine the correct roofing solution for your facility based on proper roofing practices.

                                                                                                                    How can I extend the life of my roof in Pittsburgh

Extend the life of you existing roof by 30% - 200% according to "National Roofing Contractors" ('NRCA).  At Commercial Industrial Roofing you get the most of your roofing investment.

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  If this was detected early, it is a minor repair. 


Commercial Industrial Roofing started doing roof management.... because of a strong need

for Commercial , Industrial & Institutional roof maintenance.

Purpose..... To service the customers better than typical roofing companies do.Most roofing companies look

at a new roof installation as their primary business; and roof maintenance as secondary. Why hire a roofing company

that looks at your type of work secondary ?  At Commercial Industrial Roofing , our focus is getting our clients the most out of their roof through proper service and scheduled roof inspections.

Why do you need roof maintenance ?
Because of the large costs of roof replacements. We feel we will save the costumer money ,

reduce troublesome leaks , prevent damage to roofs prior to them reaching a point of replacement and reduce

building related liabilities.

Fact:According to the "NRCA",    Preventative maintenance can extend the life of your roof an additional 30% to 200% 


Proper cleaning would have prevented this.