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 Commercial Industrial Roofing, founded in Pittsburgh,  is a third generation roofing company.  Dominic Vasel, in bought a pick up truck and a ladder. He started do small residential roof repairs, repaired &  replaced gutters & downspouts and also installed new shingle roofs.
     My 1928, if you need work on your roof, the people of Pittsburgh would say "call Dominic the Roofer." Than,  shorty after the stock market crashed, people , who had all their money in a bank, lost almost all, if not all of there  money.
     Dominic saved, most of the money he had made doing roofing, for the last four years and fortunately for him and  his family, the had access to money , to weather the storm . Slowly but surely, our great country, came back and  pulled together because president Roosevelt created the WPA , "Work Program of America", The 'WPA' was  designed to create jobs my building bridges , turnpikes, freeways, etc.
      "I believe" said the current owner of Commercial Industrial Roofing , L.L.C. , "That the Great Depression ended  around 1935 or 1936. Dominic and his oldest son, Raymond S Vasel started back roofing. Eventually Raymond S  Vasel took over the company and built up, the family business.
       Dominic's son Raymond S Vasel had been grooming both of his sons, Gary and Raymond J Vasel to run the  roofing business , so that when he retired, the company would stay busy and his two kid's  would be making good  money while working on residential and commercial roofing .
      In 2010 Raymond J Vasel opened an office in Youngstown ,Ohio , to serve their customers in North Eastern  Ohio, while Gary still maintains our Pittsburgh office. After three generations of roofing , Commercial Industrial  Roofing , LLC , is a preferred roof contracting company.
     Raymond J Vasel said  " If  I had to pick out one reason why the company is still thriving, It would be because we  always use the best material on the market and hire the best roofers, we could fine" to give our customers the best   roof possible." You can learn more about this 3rd generation company, by visiting one of their websites