Cool Roofing Installation

Cool Roofs - Cool Roofing Benefits- Cool Roofs & Green Roofs


Cool Roofs - Cool Roofing Benefits - Cool Roofs & Green Roofs


Cool Roofs, funded by a $100,000 Cities of Service Impact Volunteering Fund grant,  engages volunteers to reduce the City’s carbon footprint by applying a white reflective paint to selected City-owned building rooftops.

It has been proven that dark-colored roofs absorb and retain the heat emitted from the sunlight and direct sun rays. This excessive heat absorption can increase the temperature of roofs and ultimately raise energy costs; additionally, it can augment the urban heat island effect, raising the temperature of urban spaces up to 16 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the surrounding regional areas.

In 2008, the greenhouse gas emissions in the City of Pittsburgh totaled 6.70 million tons of CO2e. The City recognized the potential hazards which can accompany CO2e emissions of this magnitude, and Mayor Ravenstahl made it a priority to reduce these emissions. Starting this June 2013, Cool Roofs volunteers will coat 50,000 square feet of rooftops with a special white coating and decrease CO2e emissions by 45 metric tons!