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What makes a "Standing Seam Roof" the last roof you will ever have to put on? It is manufactured from heavy-duty rust-free .032″ alloy. The 12″ wide panels are installed using all concealed fasteners so there’s no need for rubber-grommet screws or nails. The stainless steel fastening clips and screws ensure secure attachment with no chance for electrolysis between dissimilar metals and no chance for problems resulting from expansion and contraction. Even the accessories for "Standing Seam" are designed to be technically superior to other metal roofing systems as they also feature all concealed fasteners and allowance for expansion and contraction. ​ Not sure standing seam is the look that you want. 


  Last roof you'll ever need.  Standing Seam Roofs that last a lifetime.

  Are you sure Standing Seam is what you want ?